As the unpredictability of the current climate takes hold, many businesses may see themselves propelled into an unpredicted quiet period. However, this time can still be used to benefit your company and we have 8 tips to help Maintain Your Workspace.

Top Tips to Maintain Your Warehouse During This Unpredictable Time

Quieter times can often be an unknowing blessing. It can allow you to start tackling that list of jobs around the warehouse that you have been putting off for months.

We have listed some top tips (in no particular order) on how to stay busy and proactive during this unpredictable period.

1. Check and Test Products & Tools

Although you may already do this on a regular basis, it's always good to stay on top and ensure the longevity of the item. From tools to stock, ensuring you are prepared for your next event or customer is essential and could be what sets you apart from the competition.

Ensure everything is in full working order - Preparing for the next job is crucial to ensure that you are reactive to when your customers need you the most

Is it doing what its meant to? Are you tools working correctly? Are your products functioning correctly? If not, now is the perfect time to order parts and plan any repairs.

2. Repair Items/Tools/Cases

If you then establish that some tools or products are not functioning correctly, now is a great time to start that repair job that may have been previously put off.

For example, rather than purchasing new stock, can previously damaged items now be repaired?

We know better than anyone that flight cases get heavily damaged whilst being used but that is the reason we build them in the first place - to protect your valuable equipment inside.

We offer a range of flight case hardware which can provide a quick and easy repair to a previously damaged (and now coffee table) case in the corner but ensuring the longevity of your flight cases allows your products inside to last longer.

Taking some time to do essential repairs of your flight cases can go a long way but even if you cannot set aside the time to do so, we can help.

Read our blog on tips and tricks to update your cases or contact us for a quote on any repair work.

How can you Improve your Warehouse

3. Mark and Label Items

Labelling, marking and generally sorting your tools and products can save a lot of time and effort later on. We understand how busy it can get and how double checking things can really hold up packing down or worse, locating that urgent tool you need.

  • Colour coding items by Industry/Product, Size, Weight or other more suitable categories.
  • Brand your components - Adding your Logo can help identify items when attending events or jobs.
  • Add your logo to your flight cases - Screen Printing can add a new lease of life to your cases, as well as being helpful for future events.
  • Replace those old Tour Labels - Why not freshen up your cases with a new batch of tour labels.

Preparation is key.

4. Re-Evaluate the Warehouse Layout

When it's busy we can get stuck in routines and get used to familiarity but does your workspace work in the most efficient way? Could a few layout tweaks improve efficiency?

Why not evaluate your workspace layout and make those changes that save time, money and effort in the future. alternatively, can you optimise the current layout?

If your layout is just how you like it, why not asses whether the rest of your workspace is working to your advantage. For example, are the correct signs up? If your first aid box full? Are your extinguishers up to date?

How can you Improve your Warehouse

5. Clean & Prepare

We understand, we all do our best to stay on top but it's difficult, we're always busy and preparing for the next job

Putting some time aside to give the workshop/warehouse that thorough spring clean that’s been on the to-do list for the past year will not only give the satisfaction of ticking something off the list but will also be hugely beneficial to the company.

Once it's tidy, you will want to keep it that way. Creating a plan or rota that’s easy to maintain for when it gets busy again will allow your workspace to stay today no matter how busy you get.

Got that cupboard full of odds and sods? Now is the perfect time to either clear it or fix it (as we mentioned above). If it is items you no longer have use for, why not put them on eBay and create a new income?

This is one of those jobs that just hangs over you whilst your busy but now is better than never to get it on eBay or reach out to other companies who may be able to make use of it or offer a trade.

For example, we list our ex-demo cases at bargain prices on our eBay store.

6. Create Plans of Action for the Future

Now you’ve done all this hard work you want to ensure that everyone stays on top of it going forward. At the end of the day, it affects everyone and can affect your business.

  • Create a Cleaning Rota and place it somewhere everyone can see
  • Create a Maintenance Plan - Make sure those parts are always fully working
  • How can you make your processes smoother going forward? - Nows a great time reevaluate some areas in the business that can be improved upon.

  • 7. Learn New Skills or Help Train Staff

    If you’re able to, why not look into providing some refresher training for your staff or better yet offer training to staff members who wish to progress and learn new skills.

    If you are in the unfortunate state of having to work from home, why not look into online courses which could not only help you or your staff progress but bring new and up to date industry knowledge to the company.

    8. Stock and Inventory

    Although this may be self explanatory, it's still important.

    It's good to understand what you have, what you need and get prepared for future work and expenses.


    We hope these tips helped and although they apply now more than ever are applicable no matter the time of year.

    In this unpredictable time, it's important to try and take some positives and use the time efficiently and prepare for the future.

    We hope you stay safe during this challenging period.

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