As we continue to increase our range of Medical, PPE and safety cases, NSP are proud to announce our latest product - The New Contact Free Portable Hand Wash Station.

Portable Hand Wash Station

As the need for new changes and measures become a necessity, here at NSP Cases, we strive to continue offering practical case solutions that help meet the needs of many industries around the world.

Over recent months, the Government campaigns in regards to hand washing have been unmissable and aim to help "prevent and slow the spread". Not only is this as important as ever, in many industries this was and still is a standard procedure to protect them and their customers/colleagues.

Portable Hand Wash Station

With the recent announcements and potential dates for reopening announced, many companies may be looking into how they can safely re-open to protect their customers, colleagues as well as themselves and the new procedures they may have to have in place.

Safety and prevention will remain a huge factor for any business or industry and with this in mind we have worked continuously to aid and provide solutions to help make these necessary transitions as easy as possible.

One of our latest products is our Contact-Free Hand Wash Station, designed to provide a practical and efficient solution for ensuring contact-free hand washing. Complete with a motion-controlled tap & soap dispenser, temperature-controlled water and a hand towel dispenser, this safety station will help provide a safe, portable wash area ideal for any industry or workplace whilst helping reduce the risk of contamination.

View the product video:

We have also designed the case to be easily transported allowing for quick and easy placement or storage wherever the need. The easy lift lid means the tap, sink and sanitiser is easily accessible within minutes.

Key Features:

  • Temperature controlled hot water
  • Total water capacity = 30 litres
  • External water supply capability
  • Motion controlled tap
  • Motion controlled soap dispenser
  • Contactless hand washing
  • Hand towel dispenser
  • Integrated Bin
  • Works from a standard 16 Amp supply

Portable Hand Wash Station

Custom Options Available

Additional water supply options are available, such as a direct hose or external water butts.

We also offer corporate branding, either digitally printed or screen printed to the external faces of the case. This can also include safety signs/text.

Please get in touch if you require customisation.

View the Portable Contact Free Hand Wash Station here.